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Iron Man was debuted on the 1st of September 1994 and ended on the 1st of February 1996. The series was created by Larry Lieber and it was based on the Marvel Comics' superhero with the same name. It has two (2) seasons with twenty-six (26) episodes. It follows the exploits of a superhero who battle with the evil forces. DVD SPECS Video Format: Normal Screen Special Features: None Menu's Yes (Interactive Menu for quick and easy episode selection) Commercials: None Language Tracks: English Subtitle Tracks: None Rating: Not Rated Region Code: 0 (Region-Free - Plays Worldwide) DVD Format: Format-Free DVD-R (Plays in both PAL and NTSC DVD players) FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, ITEM WILL SHIP WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PAYMENT Tony Stark voiced by Robert Hays was a billionaire industrialist and a technological genius who led a company that was threaten by evil forces like the Mandarin. And so he battle them using his secret identity as the Iron Man with his abilities such as his level intelligence, skilled hand to hand combatant, super human strength, and powered armor, among many others. And he was helped by his trusted friends also with different super powers and they were called the Force Works. Together they fight against the Mandarin and they prove that they are more than worthy opponents.

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