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BJ and the Bear
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  • B.J. and the Bear is an American comedy series which aired from 1979 to 1981. B.J. McCay was a good-looking young trucker who traveled around the country in his big red & white rig, with a single companion - his pet chimp, Bear. B.J. was based in rural Georgia and was confronted by a succession of corrupt local sheriffs - Elroy P. Lobo (who was later given his own series, Lobo); Sgt. Wiley of Winslow County and his two fellow lawmen, Sheriffs Cain and Masters. The only honest cop B.J. seemed to encounter was the Fox, who spent much of her time trying to trap the crooked local cops. Tommy was a lady trucker friend and Bullets ran the local hangout, the Country Comfort Truck Stop.In 1981, B.J. settled down to run a trucking business in Los Angeles called Bear Enterprises. His new adversary was Rutherford T. Grant, a corrupt politician who headed the state Special Crimes Action Team. Grant was a silent partner in TransCal, the largest trucking firm in California and stopped at nothing to stomp out potential competition. Because of Grant's intervention, B.J. found it impossible to get regular truck drivers to work for him and had to settle for a crew of 7 young, beautiful lady truckers, including a pair of identical twins and Grant's daughter, Cindy.
  • All 48 Episodes
  • 3 Seasons
  • 12 DVDS
  • Video Format: Normal Screen
  • Special Features: None
  • Menu's Yes (Interactive Menu for quick and easy episode selection)
  • Commercials: None
  • Language Tracks: English
  • Subtitle Tracks: None
  • Rating:Not Rated
  • Region Code: 0 (Region-Free - Plays Worldwide) Plays all dvd players, XBox, Playstations Worldwide
  • DVD Format: Format-Free DVD-R
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